mamacitaI’ve dedicated this site to entertaining people through my use of wisdom, common sense, and humor as an undying art.

I am a “get to the point” kind of woman and I often appreciate hearing the truth and revealing it without any of the cushion and fluff people tend to want wrap it in. As harsh as it may or may not seem, I hope my readers will appreciate my direct approach in how I shed light on everyday issues that we face as human beings. More importantly, I’m here to shake things up and stop pretending some of the things that bother us the most don’t exist because they’re too difficult to face.

Often, many people want to know who the actual person is behind their content, so I’ll go ahead and give you a bit of the usual and inane demographic information. I’m a 32-year old mother of one little girl and I’ve been married for 10 years. I consider myself to be very happily married and I am lucky in the fact that I can sit here and say that while still being completely 100% honest. Conversely, most people would rather talk about how unhappily married they are and that’s usually all we ever hear about. After all, misery attracts company. But I also think the reason you don’t hear people talking about their marriage success is because they don’t feel they really need to talk about it and not having anything to complain about certainly helps a lot. It’s just really sad and unfortunate that happiness in marriage is the expectation and not the rule.

I’m a “jack-of-all-trades” kind of woman. I’ve tried a few different occupations throughout my life but never really settled into a rat race career that most people spend many years of their life pursuing. I’ve done everything from cocktail-waitressing in a strip club to spending nearly 5 years running a medical office as an administrative professional. I got my state esthetician license which I have not used at all to boot, and I graduated college with a degree in English minoring in communications.

I’ve pondered going to law school but like most people, I’m not akin to the Rockefellers and amassing huge amounts of debt to get a degree that may or may not pay off doesn’t appeal to me at all. So I decided to write- it’s what I’ve always been good at and passionate about and I’m taking the unconventional approach here in creating this site- by venturing out and turning over a new leaf.

I’m not going to try to hook you by divulging my personal tragedies because frankly, everybody has their own to contend with and I wouldn’t be telling you anything you haven’t already heard from someone else. We all struggle with something in our lives that doesn’t quite fit into the grand scheme of things. I’m not looking to capitalize upon that and besides, I despise dwelling on anything negative.

I’ve been through a lot in my life (who hasn’t) and my ability to understand and empathize with people stems primarily from my own trials. I’m a firm believer that people must learn by experience and they rarely ever learn anything true or valuable by watching others. I always find myself lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on because it truly makes me feel good to help people.

Altruism is an attribute that’s missing in society today because people often have their own agendas to fulfill. Everybody has an agenda and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have one myself, when I created this website in the hopes of attracting an audience. But I can tell you that everything you’ll read here is authentic and genuine in the way I observe it and write it and that the humor and insight you gain are totally free of constraint. I want to amuse you and hopefully enlighten you- that’s my soul purpose here on this site.

I’ll get off my soapbox now and leave you with a few fun and interesting facts about me:

  • I am fluent in a certain dialect of gibberish that most animals seem to understand.
  • I enjoy doing yoga inversions because they give you an instant facelift (you MUST try this).
  • I spend a considerable amount of time “booping” my cats’ noses.
  • When my cats aren’t around, I spend a considerable amount of time “booping” my daughter’s nose for which she exclaims she is not a cat (sometimes I can’t tell the difference).
  • I spend a lot of time laughing, especially at myself (you should too).