Dirty, Dirty Laundry

You remember a while ago that I posted a blog entry on behalf of my friend who was looking for contributions for her magazine?

Well, much to my amazement, she’s only went and published the thing; and I have a copy. I received it in the mail a few days ago but didn’t get it from the Post Office until today (due to erratic work hours) and have just sat and read it cover to cover while drinking a glass bottle of Irn Bru, sitting in the sun.

I’m impressed. I’m amazed. It’s clever and simple, uplifting and depressing. There’s so many words in there that I feel I’ve said myself, so many that I know will tumble out of my mouth at one point in my life.

The story of the Russian pimp? Right up my ally. I have an obsession with reading stories from the ‘oldest profession in the world’, as any of you who’ve seen my Amazon wishlist could testify. The email correspondence had me in stitches, even though I was already aware of the situation.

Hell, the photography and writing is stunning. And I’m very proud of you Louise, it’s a stunning piece of work.


It’s been a while, my dear blog. I’ll be impressed if anybody actually reads this anymore. To be honest, I barely read blogs these days never mind think about updating my own. Damn Twitter.

I’ve been busy playing the Sims 3, which I love. It’s a fantastic game and even though my laptop isn’t very good specs wise, the graphics and attention to detail is amazing.

At the moment, I’m playing 2 different families. It’s only because I get bored of the houses that I’ve built very quickly and like to remodel. I suppose I take after my mother in that sense, we seem to re-decorate our own house every year or so. I have myself & the boyfriend living out the perfect life and a single woman who has all the traits I don’t have in real life – cook, perfectionist, tidy. I think I prefer living out the perfect life fantasy though. That’s a bit sad, isn’t it?

Other than playing The Sims a lot, I’ve mainly been working. There’s a surprise! I’m loving my job, I really am. It’s a lot more stressful and hectic than I ever imagined it to be but it’s great having to deal with new situations and problems every day.

There’s nobody that I can go running to any more, it’s down to me to fix things and make the decision. It’s a good job that I had two amazing mentors before I was promoted, because it’s allowed me to make some fantastic changes for the better in the short time I’ve been managing my own shop which should hopefully result in a really good bonus to pay for my holiday.

Until next time…

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