My Subconcious Hates Me

Lately, I’ve been forgetting to take my medicines – Zoloft and THE PILL – before bed.  It shouldn’t be so easy to forget them.  They are right there in the medicine cabinet, next to my contacts, staring at me as I plunge myself into blindness in a nightly ritual.

It should be pretty simple.  Take out my contacts, put the case in the cabinet, and grab the prescriptions from the shelf.  But it’s not.  I keep forgetting.

There are some obvious downsides to this forgetfulness.  For one thing, I’m (close but) not quite ready to start on Bebe le Deuxieme.  Did you hear that, Subconscious?  I’m not quite ready yet.  Give me a few more months, and then we’ll talk.

Side note: I even called to schedule my annual girly parts check-up, and they couldn’t fit me in until late August.  Ain’t nothing happening in the uterus till after that appointment!

Seven Ways to Set Up Your Home Business and Make Instant Profits

Beginning a home business can be a daunting task, especially if you have a family or another job to take care of.

The distractions you have to overcome have the possibility to prevent you from accomplishing anything you set out to do. It is important to establish a plan of attack that gives your business the best chance of success.

Develop a Business Plan

No, I’m not talking about a 10 page detailed report on how you plan on paying back your investment. Those things never work out the way they should anyway. I’m talking about outlining your plan of attack. In this short business plan you should:

1. Describe your product or service you are offering. List the price, availability, estimated time to produce or provide the service. These can be bullet point half sentences, nothing official here, folks. This is meant to be an internal document, but also one you can easily pull out of your desk drawer and reference from time to time to make sure you are on the right track.…

Lipstick Shades and Skin Tones

Picking the right lipstick shade isn’t all that easy. There are approximately 2,034,293,810 different shades, and chances are, 80% of those won’t look good on you.

The secret to narrowing down which shades to try all comes down to going for stuff that works well with your skin tone.

For fair skin
Fair skin looks really good with orange based shades. Look for vibrant, fruity colors that will help brighten your appearance, but won’t overwhelm it. Nude colors are also great. When your skin is super pale, it’s never a good idea to go too dark.

For beige skin
Go for colors that contrast nicely against your skin tone. Find reds that contain equal amounts of yellow and blue. The undertones should be clear and not murky.…

Simple Ways To Feel resh And New

Occasionally, I enjoy reinventing myself. Now, I don’t have the money to undergo a complete transformation, as fun as that would be, but there are little things that I do (some more than others) to make myself feel refreshed. These things help me feel less restless with my appearance and my lifestyle.

Try something completely new

I like routines, but sometimes routines can be boring. When I’m feeling stagnant, I like to try something new. This could be anything. Sometimes it’s as simple as visiting someplace I have never been before in my city, or cooking a new recipe.

Sometimes it’s more extreme like purchasing a Groupon for an activity I never thought I’d try. Doing things like this keeps life very interesting and I even end up discovering new interests and things to love.…

Friendship? Yes, Please.

thomasaquinas163328Those words were said by Charles Dickens, and they still sure fit today.

There’s nothing like having a friend ~ someone you feel so comfortable with that you share the best and worst of yourself, without wondering if they’ll still be your friend.

I love having Patti and Petie as friends, but I also have other friends, too.  I get to share my thoughts and dreams, my successes and failures and have lots of fun with all kinds of people.

By having friends outside of my family, I get to learn how other people live, what they believe in, different foods they eat and holidays they celebrate.…

Being Stewards of the Earth ~ Just Like the Lorax!

I’m always amazed at how beautiful our Earth is ~ it really never gets old to see pictures of the Earth or watch a television show or a YouTube clip like Petie put up in his latest blog, seeing the Earth in all Her glory.

The mountains and rain forests, the rivers and streams, the majestic deserts, the beautiful hills and valleys, and all the magic Mother Nature shares with us ~ this brings me to a place of awe and gratefulness.

And this weekend, I’ll be celebrating the Earth with lots of other people as it’s the 42nd Earth Day on Sunday, April 22.…

The Annual Block Party in my neighborhood

Every year, there’s a block party in my neighborhood ~ and it’s a blast, especially for us kids!  Some of our neighbors organize it by putting the word out on the block with flyers, urging everyone to participate.  It’s like having a big family reunion picnic without having to go very far.

It really takes me quite a bit of time to pick out just the right outfit, so I stand out.  You see, just about everyone shows up, and I want to make a good impression.

My Mom told me that block parties began in her home city, New York, during World War I.  Just like now, an entire block was roped off so no cars could come through.  The block parties honored the men from the neighborhood who were going off to war.…

Dirty, Dirty Laundry

You remember a while ago that I posted a blog entry on behalf of my friend who was looking for contributions for her magazine?

Well, much to my amazement, she’s only went and published the thing; and I have a copy. I received it in the mail a few days ago but didn’t get it from the Post Office until today (due to erratic work hours) and have just sat and read it cover to cover while drinking a glass bottle of Irn Bru, sitting in the sun.

I’m impressed. I’m amazed. It’s clever and simple, uplifting and depressing. There’s so many words in there that I feel I’ve said myself, so many that I know will tumble out of my mouth at one point in my life.…

Summer of Answers: How have you changed?

Before I was a mom, I thought first about myself, then about others.  Now, it’s the other way around.  Not just generally speaking, but every thought, every decision, every move. It messes with
your head sometimes when you have to think of everything, like catching every potential choking hazard which may or may not be within reach before leaving ANY room.learning

Before I was a mom, I had no idea what the job would entail, even though in my mind I was completely prepared and knew everything I needed to know.  HA HA I was a dumb ass. What’s that old adage?… You learn something new every day?  Spot on. Recently I took a GED test and career personality quiz. I am happy I did this as it not only tells what your personality type is, but also suggests the most suitable occupations for your type of person. It was actually fun to discover that all the way I am “a doer”  so somebody who likes to work with hands etc. It’s pretty much true.

Anyway, this test made me think and I decided to answer more questions about myself. Here we go:!…

Why I believe in Robert Kiyosaki

I’m a big fan of The Conspiracy of The Rich The 8 New Rules of Money. I believe in what Robert is doing and I have been a fan of his ever since Rich Dad Poor Dad.

What’s unique about this work is that a) he is writing each chapter in pseudo draft and publishing it on the internet and then asking readers to comment, he then amends it inline with the feedback and b) this is one of the richest men in the world saying the rich have conspired deliberately to keep us from earning our full potential.

This post is a review of the Introduction which when I first read it I thought was truly shocking. All the more so because it was written by a self made man and not a particularly left wing person with no experience of being rich or being an entrepreneur. So when Robert Kiyosaki calls something a conspiracy you better listen for your financial health.…