Holiday Travel

“Cat Rides 150 Miles in Car’s Engine, OK”
(taken from the New York Times)

OK? Do you mean Totally Awesome? “Cat Rides 150 Miles in Car’s Engine, Totally Awesome” makes more sense.

The cat’s name is Tracker. Apparently this trip cost him “a life or two”, either that or the reporter assigned to this story puts too much faith in old wives’ tales. Continue reading Holiday Travel

I Am the Future!

Today’s Corporate Casual Headline of the Day is a dream come true for many of us. At long last, the promise of computers will be borne out in its benevolent fullness:

“Software Lets You Be in Office but Not”
(taken from the New York Times)

Does this mean I will never have to work again? No. Does it mean that I will be able to surf the internet and make it look like I am simply formatting a spreadsheet from the comfort of my own home? YES!

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I’m not a Temp, not Yet a Full-Time

I arrived at work to receive the second of my holiday gift certificates to a here-unspecified superchain strip-mall store. At this point, though, I can honestly say that I’ve almost received as much holiday cheer from these fools as from my boss (whom I loved) at a real job I used to have in a major foreign-owned American company in a really really big city. Considering that this boss (whom I loved, and whose nickname was Boss for I told her that she could never be replaced) earned a five-digit bonus on top of her salary, it seems distressing to me now, in comparison, to realize what a fucking cheapskate she was (especially since I had two bosses and they went in together on my holiday present).

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Jumping Into Uncharted Waters

After seven years of working at the same company and for the same boss, I’m going in to work tomorrow and will give them an ultimatum.

When I joined this company in 2001, I was a single woman with lofty goals and great ambition. I worked very hard and got several promotions within the first few years. It was the right fit for me. My boss and I saw things the same way. We were always ready to forge ahead with any challenge and conquer any obstacle. And it was fun and exciting.

Since I joined, I’ve gotten married and had two children. With my first child, I went back part time because I didn’t want to be away from my baby the entire week. With my second child, I also went back part time and it all worked out pretty well. As time went on, I didn’t seem to be as happy or as driven as I was before and my ambitions were more about my family than about my work. Continue reading Jumping Into Uncharted Waters

Toddlers Trapped On A Plane!

Now that I have children, it’s hard to remember what I was like before them. But some things I do remember…I remember distinctly how annoyed I would get when I was flying and I would have to deal with screaming babies/children. I would think all kinds of terrible things…about how the parents must not have any control over their children or be very good disciplinarians.

Boy, have the tables turned. Now I’m the parent that other people stare at with frustrated looks and big sighs (most of these people– I’m guessing– are like I was…sans children!). Continue reading Toddlers Trapped On A Plane!

Holiday Travel

“Cat Rides 150 Miles in Car’s Engine, OK”
(taken from the New York Times)

OK? Do you mean Totally Awesome? “Cat Rides 150 Miles in Car’s Engine, Totally Awesome” makes more sense.

The cat’s name is Tracker. Apparently this trip cost him “a life or two”, either that or the reporter assigned to this story puts too much faith in old wives’ tales. According to officials who know about the feline capacities for engine travel, “he probably survived the 150-mile trip in the Chevrolet Tracker because the woman did not stop.” Right, you noticed that the article lists the cat’s name as Tracker and then refers to a Chevrolet Tracker. We will never know who rode whom. Um, also, why did he survive because she didn’t stop? Never mind, I guess there’s absolutely no reason to qualify this otherwise unsustained claim.

“‘It’s been a bigger year for kittens and cats particularly,’ Verduin said as she pointed to a sign on one of the shelter’s walls stating that one cat and its offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years.”

I think that the figure on this poster applies to cats in any SEVEN YEAR PERIOD, based on regressive statistical models, but according to this super genius (who also uses the Biologist’s term “intense kitty-crying” elsewhere in the article) it only goes further to prove her point that 2003 was the Year of the Cat!Pop(corn shrimp) Quiz

This is a question for all you morbidly obese people out there:

Which is worse, the terrible embarrassment over your physical appearance, or the interior wasteland of someone utterly unloved?

Just curious. Thanks.

Guilt Free Vacation?

I’m so tired that my body aches. I had one those days at work that makes you want to quit at that very moment. The day was full of frustration, unreasonable deadlines and demands, and several little snide comments (including a few about the fact that I’ll be on vacation next week). A few times during the day I even started day dreaming about all the things I would say to my boss if I was actually nuts enough to dramatically quit and leave for good right there and then!

But of course, I didn’t quit. Instead, I swallowed my anger and frustration and got through the day. I then came home so beat up that I was almost numb to my sweet boys’ smiles. That is almost, because as any mom knows, your child’s smile (especially if its the toothy toddler kind) can melt even the biggest iceberg of a mood. Continue reading Guilt Free Vacation?

Girl Talk

I waited a long LONG time (my brother’s speech at my rehearsal dinner had even a few more “long”s) to get married. And not by choice. I just didn’t find anyone that I could even imagine spending the next six months with, let along the rest of my life! So when I did finally meet him, I wanted to spend most of my free time with him.

When my girlfriends talked about having a girls weekend, I didn’t want to participate. I had had so many years of girls weekend, girls night outs and everything in between. I didn’t want time away from my husband. I missed him even if we were apart for a few hours. He was my favorite person to hang out with and I just couldn’t get enough time with him. We both worked full time and the hours of free time we had were so precious. Continue reading Girl Talk

Girl Crush!

I have recently developed a girl crush…actually TWO girl crushes!! I can’t help it. These women are just so sweet and lovely I can’t help but have a big giant crush on them. The first is my friend from The Big Piece of Cake! We started our blogs at the same time (I love the name of her blog, it always makes me want cake!) and she’s just blown me away with her support and her friendship. She’s also so funny. Her posts even make my husband laugh, which is a feat since his idea of a good time is reading 500-page historical non-fiction. He especially liked her (actually her friend Kacy’s) post about the letter to her hamster. I have to admit, that was crazy funny. Continue reading Girl Crush!

Every Day

Every day. I promised myself that I would write something every day for a year. What was I thinking? Zero to every day? At the time I didn’t think about what that would mean or even what it would take to do it.

What if I can’t think of anything to write (like tonight…as you might have guessed)? Then what? Isn’t it better not to write anything than to write something silly or meaningless just so I can keep my promise? I guess it would be for some people but not for me. For me, it’s either all or nothing. Either I do it every single day or I don’t want to do it at all. I know it doesn’t make sense but I’m kind of nutty that way.

I’m like that with other things too. I don’t do things half way, which isn’t always good. With food, friendship, love, work, everything….if you’re going to do it or have it, then jump in and DO IT or HAVE IT, don’t just take a little off the edges.

I hope I can make it for an entire year…and I hope you’ll stay with me for the journey.