Summer of Answers: How have you changed?

buddha about time

Before I was a mom, I thought first about myself, then about others.  Now, it’s the other way around.  Not just generally speaking, but every thought, every decision, every move. It messes with
your head sometimes when you have to think of everything, like catching every potential choking hazard which may or may not be within reach before leaving ANY room.learning

Before I was a mom, I had no idea what the job would entail, even though in my mind I was completely prepared and knew everything I needed to know.  HA HA I was a dumb ass. What’s that old adage?… You learn something new every day?  Spot on. Recently I took a career personality test that not only tells what is your personality type but also suggests the most suitable occupations. It was actually fun to discover that all the way I am “a doer”  so somebody who likes to work with hands etc. It’s pretty much true. Anyway, this test made me think and I decided to answer more questions about myself. Here it goes!…

Debt Crisis, Looming Financial Meltdown: Is This the End of America?


Not so long ago, congress was ironing out the details of a last ditch effort to prevent America from defaulting on its loans.

Is it a Hail Mary pass at the end of the game, one last shot at prevailing over our opponents and upholding our good name? Or is it all politics?

The consequences of default would be widespread throughout our nation, diminishing the value of the U.S. dollar, and further tarnishing our reputation worldwide. This would pose the very serious threat of catastrophe and financial meltdown unlike any we have seen in our lifetimes.

What we have experienced since the recession began in 2008 may be but a precursor to the devastation ahead for us. We may be witnessing the collapse of America.…

The Real Agenda of the Pro-Voucher, Home Schooling Crowd

A previous posting about voucher schemes as part of the right wing’s larger War on Public Education solicited this highly enlightening comment from Daniel Newby:

I promoted tax credits, and even vouchers, for many years, until I realized the damage they would do to the private institutions we are attempting to empower.

There are better ways to speed the inevitable collapse of the government school system. For some ideas, see

Actually, I found Daniel’s comment to be refreshingly honest. After all, most pro-voucher types couch their arguments with feel-good terms like freedom of choice and claim that vouchers will actually improve public schools; few will come out and admit that the ultimate goal is to destroy public education as we know it and replace it with government-funded religious education and corporate-run schools (yet another example of the religious fanatic/corporate alliance).

The article begins by rejecting the most commonly pursued tactics of the anti-public-education crowd—vouchers and tax credits.…

Jumping Into Uncharted Waters


After seven years of working at the same company and for the same boss, I’m going in to work tomorrow and will give them an ultimatum.

When I joined this company in 2001, I was a single woman with lofty goals and great ambition. I worked very hard and got several promotions within the first few years. It was the right fit for me. My boss and I saw things the same way. We were always ready to forge ahead with any challenge and conquer any obstacle. And it was fun and exciting.…

Toddlers Trapped On A Plane!

Now that I have children, it’s hard to remember what I was like before them. But some things I do remember…I remember distinctly how annoyed I would get when I was flying and I would have to deal with screaming babies/children. I would think all kinds of terrible things…about how the parents must not have any control over their children or be very good disciplinarians.

Boy, have the tables turned. Now I’m the parent that other people stare at with frustrated looks and big sighs (most of these people– I’m guessing– are like I was…sans children!).…

Girl Talk

I waited a long LONG time (my brother’s speech at my rehearsal dinner had even a few more “long”s) to get married. And not by choice. I just didn’t find anyone that I could even imagine spending the next six months with, let along the rest of my life! So when I did finally meet him, I wanted to spend most of my free time with him.

When my girlfriends talked about having a girls weekend, I didn’t want to participate. I had had so many years of girls weekend, girls night outs and everything in between. I didn’t want time away from my husband. I missed him even if we were apart for a few hours. He was my favorite person to hang out with and I just couldn’t get enough time with him. We both worked full time and the hours of free time we had were so precious.…

Friendship? Yes, Please.

Those words were said by Charles Dickens, and they still sure fit today.

There’s nothing like having a friend ~ someone you feel so comfortable with that you share the best and worst of yourself, without wondering if they’ll still be your friend.

I love having Patti and Petie as friends, but I also have other friends, too.  I get to share my thoughts and dreams, my successes and failures and have lots of fun with all kinds of people.

By having friends outside of my family, I get to learn how other people live, what they believe in, different foods they eat and holidays they celebrate.…

Guilt Free Vacation?

I’m so tired that my body aches. I had one those days at work that makes you want to quit at that very moment. The day was full of frustration, unreasonable deadlines and demands, and several little snide comments (including a few about the fact that I’ll be on vacation next week). A few times during the day I even started day dreaming about all the things I would say to my boss if I was actually nuts enough to dramatically quit and leave for good right there and then!

But of course, I didn’t quit. Instead, I swallowed my anger and frustration and got through the day. I then came home so beat up that I was almost numb to my sweet boys’ smiles. That is almost, because as any mom knows, your child’s smile (especially if its the toothy toddler kind) can melt even the biggest iceberg of a mood.…

Every Day

Every day. I promised myself that I would write something every day for a year. What was I thinking? Zero to every day? At the time I didn’t think about what that would mean or even what it would take to do it.

What if I can’t think of anything to write (like tonight…as you might have guessed)? Then what? Isn’t it better not to write anything than to write something silly or meaningless just so I can keep my promise? I guess it would be for some people but not for me. For me, it’s either all or nothing. Either I do it every single day or I don’t want to do it at all. I know it doesn’t make sense but I’m kind of nutty that way.…

Don’t Touch!

I’m SO embarrassed. I can’t believe I touched her so many times. When I get nervous and excited I do the craziest things. And then when I have a moment of reflection I become mortified (usually within minutes). When I’m doing it, it feels so fun, natural, friendly…but when I look back at it, I can see how it’s just awkward. Oh God, why am I so NUTS! She must think I’m so weird. I can see her right now telling her husband about it “sweetie, did I tell you about the strange woman in the park today that kept touching me?”

OK, let me explain. I went to a neighborhood picnic today for the July 4th holiday. I’ve dragged my family to these every year and regretted it every single time. I always think it will be fun for the kids…parade, hot dogs, ice cream, lots of kids…what could be better? But it’s usually seriously hot and sticky, crazy …